Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Psychic Fair in Corpus Christi

According to the latest report that has been spread regarding in psychics and astrology, there will a Psychic Fair in Corpus Christi. This event is said to benefits a lot of people who wanted to see their future through the help and assistance of astrology and psychic readings. The "Psychic Fair" was held out at the Holiday Inn Emerald Beach and organizers say they had a much better turn out than they were expecting.

There were plenty of psychics, tarot card readings, chakras reading and healing crystals ball experts on hand to read fair goer's fortunes. People who came can avail these services and help them with their questions in mind. On the other hand, organizers say the whole point of the fair is to clear up misconceptions about the psychic field.

Arlene Yznega said, "Most people already have an idea of what they are to do with their lives, and this just helps them decide and say, yes, you are on the right track."



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